A Green P Parking lot is located on the west side of Alvin St., just across the street from our office. Patients with Accessible Parking Permits (formerly known as the Disabled Person Parking Permit) are able to park on Alvin St., north of our building. Please take note of the posted parking signs along Alvin Ave.

TTC Accessibility

Yonge University Subway

1. St. Clair Station
2. North exit
3. Go up two escalators
4. Exit to the right of St. Clair Market (grocery store) and cross the street to our office.

88 South Leaside bus
97 Yonge St. bus
74 Mount Pleasant bus
512 St. Clair Street Car 

Deer Park Podiatry
17 Alvin Avenue, Toronto, ON
M4T 2A7

Telephone:  (416) 922-0927

Fax:   (416) 961-3338


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